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What is Funeral Expense Life Insurance?

Loans, credit card debt, estate costs, the funeral... most of us will leave behind unpaid expenses when we die, expenses that, if left unattended, will be a burden on our families. Final expense insurance is life insurance that pays off these debts, ensuring that everything is taken care of if the worst should happen.

Some States will help to defray the cost of a funeral.  For state specific  regulations please visit the state page where you live. Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Michigan and California.


Why is Funeral Expense Insurance so important?

Funeral Expense Life Insurance is also known as Burial Insurance, Final Expense Life Insurance or Senior Life Insurance.  Final Expense Life Insurance is designed to cover bills that your loved ones will face after your death. These costs will include medical bills, funeral expenses, Legal/Probate, the list goes on.  A funeral and associated costs could run well over $10,000. The question is:

Where will the money come from?

Social Security: pays only a $255 lump-sum death benefit and only to qualified dependents.  See Social Security Lump Sum Payment page for details.  Also, Social Security income may be reduced by as much as 50% with the death of a spouse.

Veteran's Administration: may pay a $300 burial allowance under certain circumstances.  See U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Benefit page for more information.
Savings: Do you have the funds necessary to cover such costly expenses? 

Loved Ones:  Do your children have the funds necessary to cover such costly expenses?  Do you want to leave this burden to them?

Today's Choice, Tomorrow's Peace of Mind

Final expense insurance is the most affordable method to prepay your final expenses.

As Baby Boomers age, many realize they haven't taken care of life insurance in time to qualify for a larger term or whole life policy - for some, health issues have made that difficult or impossible.  With little to no underwriting and no need for a medical exam, burial expense insurance is an affordable option for many people.

Most people qualify immediately so it's an instant win for you.

Final expense policies are Whole Life insurance policies which offers the guarantees you'll prefer for a final expense product.  Whole life insurance is guaranteed for a lifetime as long as the premium is paid.  Since Final Expense insurance is typically purchased with a lower death benefit than normal life insurance, most people find the monthly premium very affordable and the policy will build cash value over time. Face values range from $2,000 to $100,000.  Issue ages are from 40 to 89.

Some carriers offer a terminal and chronic illness rider so you can access a percentage of these funds if you are diagnosed as such. We represent many Final Expense life insurance companies such as Americo, Mutual Of Omaha, Transamerica and many more. If you or a loved one needs Final Expense coverage we are here to help.  Feel free to use our no cost instant final expense burial insurance quoting tool to compare the companies we represent as much as you like. There is no need to meet with us in person.  Everything can be done over the phone and by email.

We are licensed in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Michigan and California.



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