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Disability Benefits - A Financial Asset
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Your employees' income is their most important financial asset. Many Americans have little to fall back on if an injury or illness prevents them from working. Disability insurance from us helps households stay afloat while employees recover. Through return-to-work benefits and programs, we also help employees return to their jobs, saving you the cost and disruption of lost productivity ─ or hiring replacements.

Benefits That Work Together
Disability coverage provides a complete, tailored solution, with flexible funding options. Coverage can be employer-paid, employee-paid or shared.

Short term disability
This benefit pays a portion of an employee's compensation for up to several weeks while they are out of work due to a covered injury, sickness or childbirth.

Long term disability
Long term disability typically begins where short term disability leaves off, providing benefits for illnesses or injuries that have longer recovery periods ─
from several months to several years.

Individual disability insurance (IDI)
IDI works with long term disability to provide an extra layer of protection by covering an additional percentage of the disabled employee's salary. This coverage is perfect for employees who earn higher incomes or rely on bonuses and commissions that might not be covered under traditional long term disability.

By offering a full range of disability benefits, you can ensure your employees are covered, no matter what life brings.

The result:
  A happier, more dedicated more productive workforce for you.
Disability coverage stacks up

Short and long term disability insurance work together to keep employees protected when a disability lingers. And IDI boosts income protection even further.
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