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Employee Benefits ─ Why Purchase Them?



As financial protection for the people who help you succeed.

At Tomei Agency we understand the needs of today's businesses and offer a wide choice of Employee Benefit Plans such as health, dental, life, vision and disability insurance products to help meet your needs. Competitive pricing and flexible choices allow you and your employees to select the best coverage, to suit your unique needs and budget. Today's employees are more benefits-conscious than ever. But the evolving regulatory and economic landscape means higher costs for you ── and them. Look to us for a wide range of cost-effective financial protection insurance benefits that meet you objectives and their diverse needs.

  Disability         Accident
  An array of easy-to-administer benefits for
employees who can't work due to illness or injury.
        Valuable protection against the unexpected costs of an
accidental injury.
  Life         Dental
  Essential protection for employees' loved ones - with
flexible options for workers at all stages of life.
        Simple, cost-effective coverage for a vital aspect of
employee health. (Delta Dental & First Commonwealth
a Guardian company) 
  Critical Illness        

Hospital Indemnity

   An important benefit to help employees weather the
out-of-pocket costs of serious illnesses.
        Coverage for employees who want protection from the
high cost of hospital stays and medical procedures.
   Additional Services
   A network of resources to help employee manage work
and life issues - so they can find balance and stay productive.
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