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Dental Insurance ─ A Bright Benefit

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We have a few leading dental insurance companies, that provide valuable dental coverage that coordinate easily with other employee benefits.

The Crowning Addition to Your Benefits
Regular dental care is important to your employees. They want a healthy smile ─ and they want to maintain good dental health now, so they can avoid costly treatments later. That's why we offer multiple dental coverage options through Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). And like all our benefits, dental is supported by easy administration and valuable employee communications.

Three Coverage Options for Your Dental Needs
With all dental plans, your employees have access to the providers network ─ a national network of hundreds of dentists and thousands of access points. Each plan is available in multiple funding options: employer-paid, employee-paid or shared funding.

    An Active Dental PPO plan gives employees the freedom to choose a dentist, but sets in-network services
    at a higher benefit level. The more your employees choose to use in-network dentists, the more they can save.

    A Passive Dental PPO plan features the same provider discounts as an active PPO. Employees can receive 
    the same benefit amount at non-network dentists, but their out-of-pocket expenses may be higher.

    A Dental Elect Offering lets you choose a set of two plans from five coverage options, and employees 
    pick the plan that best suits their needs:

            ►    Plan One give employees more coverage, but offers a lower out-of-network reimbursement ─ good 
                    for those who want to see a network dentist.

            ►    Plan Two provides a higher out-of-network reimbursement ─ which makes sense for employees 
                    who prefer an out-of-network dentist.

Did you know?

            ►    95% of employers now offer dental coverage 1 ─ making this one of the most popular 
                  workplace benefits.

            ►    Offering dental coverage is a great way to keep employees healthy and productive. Regular 
                  dental care has been shown to help prevent serious illnesses ─ including diabetes, 
                  heart disease, respiratory disease and premature birth.

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