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Critical Illness Benefits

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Critical illnesses are on the rise and many employees are unprepared for the financial burden. A stroke, heart attack or cancer treatment can mean time away from work. In addition, out-of-pocket costs can cause a significant drain on an employee's finances. Having critical illness coverage provides extra financial protection ─ so employees can focus on getting better.

Offering Critical Illness Coverage can Show Employees You Care
Critical illness insurance can be a great complement to your current benefits plan ─ especially high-deductible health plans. It can provide a cash payment to help employees deal with the unexpected costs of a serious illness. Many critical illness plans also offer wellness benefits. When employees take an active role in their health, they are more likely to avoid the incidence of a serious illness.

It Also Offers These Convenient Features:
      ►   A single plan design option ─ You can provide consistent benefit messaging to employees across all locations
      ►   A choice of funding ─ Employee-paid, employer-paid or shared funding options help you meet budgetary needs
      ►   Easy integration with other plans ─ One claim form triggers service for multiple benefits, which helps reduce
             employer administration time
      ►   Budget-friendly payroll deduction ─ You can offer the benefit to employees without extra billing

Help Ease the Financial Impact of Critical Illness
Critical illness coverage is a valuable supplement to existing benefit plans.


Critical Illness Benefits
 Short Term Disability Benefits/
Long Term Disability Benefits

Time off work due to disability (for illustrative purposes only)

Did you know?
More than 3.3 million American workers have cancer annually. This results in more than 33 million disability
           days per year, translating to $7.5 billion in lost productivity.
      •    Approximately 90% of all disabilities are caused by illnesses rather than accidents. 2

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               Settings," Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Vol 54, no. 12, 2012)

      2         Council for Disability Awareness (,
              "Chances of Disability: Me, Disabled?" (2012; accessed Oct 29, 2012)

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