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Accident Benefits

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They’re called accidents for a reason. They can come out of nowhere, they aren’t done on purpose, and they cause an inconvenience – and unexpected bills. Accident insurance can provide a lump sum benefit to employees so they have a financial cushion while they work to regain their health.

Provide the Protection They Need with Accident Coverage
While major medical can cover some of the costs related to an accident, employees are often left with extra-out-of-pocket expenses. Accident coverage provides a payment directly to employees that they can use as needed. There are no calendar-year maximums, so employees can receive benefits for multiple accidents ─ even recurring ones ─ over the life of their policy. And since this coverage is funded by the employee, you can provide this valuable coverage at little or no cost to your company.

It  Also Offers These Convenient Features
          ►   Family coverage options ─ Provides an extra level of protection for spouses and children
          ►   Budget-friendly payroll deduction ─ Allows you to offer the benefit to employees with no extra billing
          ►   Wellness Benefit ─ Pays a cash benefit for select health screenings, which encourages a 
                  healthier workforce
          ►   Guaranteed Issue ─ Enables employees to get coverage without answering health questions

Help Ease the Financial Pain of Injuries
          Accident coverage is a valuable supplement to existing benefits plans.

Lump Sum Accident Benefit Payout
          Can pay cash up front, so employees can use the money when and how they need

Sick Days/Paid Time Off
Disability Income Stream
Can pay a portion of lost income to help employees cover costs when sick pay runs out
Time off work due to disability (for illustrative purposes only)

Did you know?
         ►    About 38 million Americans suffer injuries and seek medical help each year. 1
              48% of employers offer accident insurance. 2

                            1    National Safety Council, Injury Facts (2012)
                            2    SHRM, 2012 Employee Benefits: The Employee Benefits Landscape in a Recovering Economy (2012)

Accident FAQs
For your convenience, we've provided a list of answers to common questions about benefits. Your HR Rep may also be able to provide additional information.

What is accident insurance?
A    Accident insurance pays a benefit directly to you if you are injured (may be on or off the job) and need 
       treatment, whether you go to physician's office, urgent care center or the emergency room.

 How much does this plan pay?
A    The amount you receive depends on your injury and the treatment you receive, usually a set amount for 
       specific covered injuries or care. There is no lifetime or annual maximum payout.

How can I use the money?
A    You can use it any way you choose ─ for monthly bills, co-pays, deductibles or other expenses your medical 
        plan doesn't cover.

 How will I receive my payment?
A    The benefit will be paid directly to you in one lump-sum payment.

Am I guaranteed coverage?
A    Eligible employees are guaranteed to receive the base plan coverage without answering any 
       health questions.

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